Scholarship Deals : Roux Scholarship announces 2023 national finalists

Scholarship Deals Scholarship Deals :

The national finalists are: Ben Champkin from The Newt in Somerset; Christopher Clarke from Core by Clare Smyth in London; Oliver Dovey from Baxterstorey in London; Sam Lomas from Glebe House in Devon; Alex Rothnie from L’Enclume in Cumbria; and April Lily Partridge from The Ledbury in London.

The Roux Scholarship regional finals took place at University College Birmingham and University of West London on 9 March, with each of the competition’s 18 regional finalists having to cook the recipe they submitted with their application for dry-aged heritage beef served with a beef offal ingredient and Belgian chicory.

There was also a mystery box dessert challenge that required the chefs to create a dessert on the spot using a choice of 22 ingredients including strawberries, chocolate and lager beer.

Judging at the University of West London, Michel Roux Jr: “It’s always very challenging and gut-wrenching for some, but even those who didn’t get through have left with a big smile on their faces and they can be very proud of what they achieved. In terms of the food, there was some fantastic choux pastry in the desserts. I think giving our finalists more ingredients in the mystery box has actually worked, in so far as we’ve had some fantastic desserts here today.”

Alain Roux, who was part of the judging panel at University College Birmingham, said: “It was a really good mystery box and most finalists had a similar idea of serving a filled choux, with good flavours. Some were very simple with the use of chantilly. Personally, I was expecting something a bit more exciting, but we had two outstanding desserts.”

The six finalists will compete for the title of Roux Scholar 2023 on 3 April 2023.

Changes have also been made to the star prize that will go to the chef named as the 2023 Roux Scholar. As before, the winning chef will be offered the opportunity to cook and train in a three-Michelin-star restaurant anywhere in the world for up to two months.

However, should they wish, they will have the option to instead to take part in a programme of training opportunities tailored to the individual winner’s career goals and gaps in their skill set. The winner will work with the Roux family and Roux Scholarship team to choose a number of short educational experiences, visits and stays in the UK and abroad to help their individual career development.

The winning chef will also receive up to £12,000 in prize money to support their career development.




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