Here are 5 side-effects of eating beans

Here are 5 side-effects of eating beans

Some important things about beans that you probably didn’t know.

Alongside rice and garri, beans are a well-established item in the average Nigerian’s diet. You can’t list three Nigerian staple foods without mentioning beans.

It is popular, well-consumed, and possesses quite several advantages. But that’s not all there is to know about it. Beans can also be disadvantageous in some ways. Here are five of its side effects…..CONTINUE READING

1. Gas

This one is pretty obvious and well-publicized. Eating beans increases the regularity of your farts. Beans contain sugars and fiber that your body may struggle to digest. When these sugars meet up with the bacteria in your large intestines, gas is produced and that comes out as a fart. You may also experience some abdominal discomfort especially when you eat too much. One way to counter this is to drink more water and stay active when you eat beans so that your stomach can quickly process the fiber the meal contains.

[Credit – 9jaFoodie] [Credit – 9jaFoodie]

2. Causes migraine in some people

Some people get intense headaches when they eat beans. Although this allergic reaction is not so common, it is important to stay off the meal if you notice that this happens to you. Also, see a doctor if you insist on having it on your meal plan.

3. It’s an incomplete protein

You probably didn’t know this, as you might have grown up thinking beans were a complete and rich source of protein. Apparently not. Unlike other sources of protein, beans lack methionine, an important amino acid that is important for your body. In essence, by eating only beans as a protein source, you will not be getting the adequate amount of protein your body needs. However, eating beans with certain grains like rice wheat and maize rounds everything up nicely for you. This is because these cereal grains are high in methionine yet lack another amino acid found in beans.

[Credit – DHerbs] Be sensitive to her needs in this period [Credit – DHerbs]

4. Risk of constipation

Beans are high in both soluble and insoluble fiber. The soluble fibers and soluble fibers need liquid to move through your system as they should. So if you do not drink enough water after eating beans, [and regularly too!] it could cause constipation.

5. Preparation time is a little too long

This one may not directly be a health benefit but it’s one reason why people may be put off by beans. You just can’t vex and say you want to cook beans the way you might sometimes do with rice or some other meals. So yeah, there’s that.

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